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Welcome to About Town Dog Studio

Our premier dog grooming and clipping salon has been established for 20 years, and has 2 salons in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.
Our family friendly business has been working hard to pamper your four-legged friends, with each studio offering experienced and friendly groomers and staff.
We offer a range of services including bathing and clipping, as well as caring for dogs’ nails, ears and anal glands.
We pride ourselves on giving your dog the best possible grooming experience.

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Our Furry Friends!

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We are currently seeking an experienced dog groomer-
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A BIG thank you to all our furry customers (and their mums and dads!) for supporting us for the past twenty years! Here’s to another twenty!! 

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🐣🐰Happy Easter🐰🐣wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend; please note we will be closed for the long weekend and will be back open Tuesday! 🐶 ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

About Town Dog Studio

Animals For Adoption and Rehoming South Australia‼ PARVO VIRUS WARNING ‼

PARVO has been confirmed at ABERFOYLE PARK SA (Some surrounding suburbs)

Please make sure your pets are vaccinated and please make sure you know the symptoms as its crucial that you get your pet to the vet immediately if presenting with the following symptoms:

* Smelly bloody stools
* Vomiting
* Fever
* They are lethargic
* Rapid weight loss
* Bloody diarrhea
* Dehydration
* Abdominal pain

There has also been confirmed Feline Infectious Enteritis (PARVO)
around ADELAIDE so please make sure your cats are vaccinated. Cats present with the same symptoms
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3 months ago

About Town Dog Studio

Those pesky grass-seeds are at it again! Prickle season is in full swing- here's a few tips to battle the little buggers!🌾
🐾if left untreated Grass seeds can be potentially lethal! the most common dart-shaped grass seed pierces the skin and can travel through the body and become embedded internally causing all types of problems.
🐾Watch out for signs of your dog licking or chewing at one spot- particularly around their feet/legs, or redness and swelling, a ‘hole’ type wound that’s not healing, or sneezing, rubbing, shaking their head, or of course if you can visibly see a grass-seed embedded in their skin/fur.
🐾If embedded in their skin already it is possible to remove with tweezers, but be wary as parts of the grass-seed can potentially still be stuck inside the wound even after removing the visible grass-seed. Always seek veterinary advice if you are unsure.
🐾To minimise the dangers of grass-seeds; avoid dry and long grassy areas as much as possible, and check over your dogs coat after walks paying special attention to their ears, nose, armpits, belly and feet and pick out any ‘hitch-hikers’ immediately.
🐾But most importantly keep your dog well groomed regularly, or clip them short for the summer to minimise the risks, especially if your dog/s is more prone to grass-seeds!
🐶Give us a call today on 8379 6522 or make a booking online via our website!
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