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Welcome to About Town Dog Studio

Our premier dog grooming and clipping salon has been established for 20 years, and has 2 salons in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.
Our family friendly business has been working hard to pamper your four-legged friends, with each studio offering experienced and friendly groomers and staff.
We offer a range of services including bathing and clipping, as well as caring for dogs’ nails, ears and anal glands.
We pride ourselves on giving your dog the best possible grooming experience.

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Our Furry Friends!

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Welcoming a new litter of Shih Tzu's!

These adorable little pure bred Shih Tzu puppies, 3 Boys and 2 Girls, were born 1st June 2020 and have all found loving homes! 


A BIG thank you to all our furry customers (and their mums and dads!) for supporting us for the past twenty years! Here’s to another twenty!! 

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Spotlight on G O L D E N * R E T R I E V E R
🐾History: A fairly recent breed, the origins of the Golden Retriever trace to Scotland in the nineteenth century, specifically to Baron Tweedmouth who bred hunting and shooting dogs on an estate not far from Loch- Ness. The breed developed from a cross of tweed water spaniels, red setters, wavy coated retrievers and bloodhounds. The Golden Retriever as the name suggests was originally bred as a working gun-dog and retrieving game. The first ‘Golden Retriever’ was shown at Crufts in 1908, but wasn’t officially recognised as its own breed by the Kennel Club until 1913.
🐾Personality Traits: Very friendly, loyal and affectionate
🐾Best suited for: Active Families (the breed also excels as an assistance dog and is often trained to be used for search and rescue and other tracking roles.)
🐾Distinctive feature: Its golden coloured coat and excellent temperament
🐾Fun Fact: The “parents” of the entire modern breed, owned by Tweedmouth, are arguably the dogs named Belle and Nous who had 4 yellow puppies together.
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Dog shedding and seasonal coat changes::
Sunlight and temperature have a significant impact on an animal’s hair growth. Outdoor pets will commonly shed once or twice a year – usually at the end of winter. However, as indoor pets live in much more controlled conditions they will usually shed continuously throughout the year.
🐾THERE’S NO WAY TO COMPLETELY STOP SHEDDING. It's a healthy and natural process that is necessary for dogs.
🐾Routine grooming is absolutely essential for all dogs and is the best way to keep shedding under control. Brushing and combing your dog helps to remove dead hairs before they can fall on your carpet, bedding, and upholstery. It will also prevent those dead hairs from forming mats on your dog's coat that can eventually harm the skin.
🐾When it comes to shedding; Double coated dogs have a course outer coat that covers a more dense, wool-like undercoat, and they shed the most. It’s especially important to brush these dogs, as excess fur can get caught in the under coat and form knots and mats. These lead to hair lumps that rub against the skin and can cause abrasions, infections, or hot spots.
🐾Using the right grooming tools can make a great difference. For heavy shedders, a special brush tool like the FURminator can work wonders! But otherwise the humble slicker brush and comb should do the trick!

🐶If your pooch is looking a little worse for wear or starting to lose their winter coats; book in now via our website or call 8379 6522 before that shedding takes over your house!
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