*COVID 19 UPDATE: We are STILL OPEN and taking bookings at both our locations! 

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Welcome to About Town Dog Studio

Our premier dog grooming and clipping salon has been established for 20 years, and has 2 salons in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.
Our family friendly business has been working hard to pamper your four-legged friends, with each studio offering experienced and friendly groomers and staff.
We offer a range of services including bathing and clipping, as well as caring for dogs’ nails, ears and anal glands.
We pride ourselves on giving your dog the best possible grooming experience.

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Our Furry Friends!

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Welcoming a new litter of Shih Tzu's!

These adorable little pure bred Shih Tzu puppies, 3 Boys and 2 Girls, were born 1st June 2020 and have all found loving homes! 


A BIG thank you to all our furry customers (and their mums and dads!) for supporting us for the past twenty years! Here’s to another twenty!! 

Don’t Forget to update your address book with our current phone number (08) 8379 6522 

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(Note our 1-300 number will be phased out over the coming months)

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Spotlight on: B O R D E R * C O L L I E

🐾History: Originally bred for herding in Britain, the Border Collie was developed along the English and Scottish border and was bred from a foundation of various ‘working dogs’ in the nineteenth century. It was officially given its current name in 1915 to differentiate it from other collie breeds.
🐾Personality traits: Very Active and intelligent.
🐾Best suited for: An active owner or family and needs plenty of exercise!
🐾Distinctive feature: Best known for its herding abilities, and Black and White colouring (however ‘blonde’ or brown border collies also exist)
🐾Fun Fact: Queen Victoria owned a white female Border Collie named “Nanny”!
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Happy World Dachshund Day! the pups with the longest bodies and the shortest legs! what's not to love 🥰💜 ... See MoreSee Less

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When Puppy coats grow into Adult coats::
🐾A puppy is born with one single coat of soft fur, even if it is a double-coated breed. Most puppies will officially start losing it when they're between 4 to 8 months of age. This time frame tends to vary from dog to dog as different breeds have different rates of coat development. The double-coated dog for example, will grow two layers of fur after shedding the puppy coat. The puppy's coat pattern and texture may also change.
🐾When he sheds that puppy coat, his new, adult coat will come in stiffer and thicker.
🐾It is this period of time between puppy and adult coat that severe matting can occur if the fur is not looked after and brushed regularly- even more regularly than before.
🐾Regular brushing can help your dog's coat look better, and it's a good way to bond with your puppy. Just make sure to use the right grooming tools for your animal's coat. A smooth-coated dog should do just fine with a brush, but other coat types require specific grooming equipment.
🐾When brushing your dog between grooming sessions, be sure to brush through all the layers and get right down to the skin, starting with a slicker brush, and secondly with a comb. Brush every part of your dogs body; legs, tails, chest, belly, ears, face- not just the wiggly body! 🐶
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