Car laws for your furry friend

It might not be common knowledge, but there are actually some rules and recommendations in regards to travelling with your pet.
Despite not being illegal, it isn’t advised to let your dog travel in your car without a restraint. RAA recommends using a specifically designed harness that clicks into the seatbelt, or putting your dog in a secured crate. This is very important for keeping your dog safe, just as seatbelts are for us humans.
We know that many of your dogs love to stay close to you, but it is actually illegal to drive with an animal on your lap. As well as the obvious distraction that it may cause you as the driver, it is also a dangerous seat for the dog to be in in case of an accident – steering wheels and airbags in the face don’t sound fun! Breaking this law can cost you $176 and a very embarrassed dog.
Another important one is the use of utes – if you are transporting your dog in the back of your ute the dog must be secured either by a crate or a lead attached to the vehicle to ensure that they can’t jump or fall out of the tray. If you get caught you are looking at a $105 fine!
As you can see there are a few important things to remember when it comes to car transportation with your dog. No one wants them to miss out on the fun so treat them to a harness or crate and save them a seat on your next road trip!


We love dogs of all sizes!

Pictured are four Old English Sheepdogs – yes, they are quite big!
Georgie Girl, April Rose, Delta Blu and Sophie Louise love coming to visit for their regular appointments, and the team here loves when they come in. These beautiful coats are maintained by grooming every 5 weeks to prevent matting and keep the hair clean – plus this prevents too much hair floating around the house as we brush out all of the malting hair. Have you got a big dog, a small dog or something in between? Give us a call and we will book you in!


Warmer weather is on its way!

Can you feel it slowly starting to get warmer? Your dog can too – winter is almost over which brings us to a new season full of doggy
haircuts! Bring your furry friend in for a spa day or get prepared to come in the next few weeks by making sure they are brushed
regularly to prevent matting. We can’t wait to see you!


Our New Rostrevor Studio!

Our new Rostrevor location is now open! 

Exciting things have been happening at About Town Dog Studio… our Paradise studio has now moved to a great new location! As well as our Glenunga and Blackwood studios, you can now find us at the Rostrevor Shopping Centre – 274 Montacute Road, Rostrevor. Not only do we have a fresh new store, but we also have a lovely new manager named Nicole who will go above and beyond to make your pooch look and feel like a star!

Rostrevor is now open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays by appointment, so give us a call at 1300 735 597 to book in – you wont regret it!


Introducing Imogen!

Introducing Imogen, our newest team member!

Imogen is our new Junior Receptionist at Glenunga! Be sure to say hi!

Imogen loves dogs and even has her own fluffy pooch, Dudley the Golden Retriever, who comes in to work with her for a good wash and groom regularly.

Welcome Imogen :)


Super Sisters!

Introducing our new team members, Tenesha and Kiara.

Tenesha will Manage the Glenunga salon, Tuesday through Friday, and will be backed up by her sister, Kiara.

These sisters have a real love for dogs, and are very talented groomers!  We are thrilled to welcome them to our team!

Tenesha has three Border Collies! Her new puppy, Skylar (Pictured), Daphne & Blake.

And Kiara has two Staffys, her new puppy, Lexi (Pictured) & Bella.

Welcome girls! :)


We’re open longer!!!

We are extending our opening hours at Glenunga! Monday – Thursday we are open til 4.30pm.


Tails of Adelaide

We are excited to announce the arrival of the ‘Tails of Adelaide’ photographic coffee-table book that showcases over 50 local dogs in and around various iconic Adelaide locations.

Why not pop in to any of our 3 salons to preview and purchase a copy of this gorgeous keepsake book?


Caring for a long-coat

We welcomed this beautiful girl – Lexie, a 4yr old Rough Coat Collie, to our Blackwood salon recently.

Lexie is a stunner, but her owners also understand that her long coat needs regular brushing to maintain it.
Lexie’s owners brush her most days ensuring that they check all of her – especially the tricky areas to get to like her legs, belly and behind the ears. Once a month Lexie then comes to About Town Dog Studio for a full, thorough groom-out. Lexie’s groom includes a warm wash, blow dry, full brush out and removal of undercoat, trimming of the nails, cleaning of the ears, and trimming around her feet and bottom.

We think Lexie is feeling pretty good about herself lying here after her grooming session!


How often does a dog need grooming?

This is the million dollar question…how often should I have my dog groomed?

Ultimately there are a number of factors that come into play – how long the coat is, whether/how often you brush it at home, what style you like, how much you can afford, what type of coat the dog has, whether your dog gets up to lots of fun swimming in pools and prickle bushes etc etc etc….

As a easy general rule of thumb – all dogs should be thoroughly groomed (and clipped if required) at least every 3 months.

Regularly grooming is essential – it will remove any dead coat, prevent matting, and enable air movement to the skin to avoid skin irritations and infections.

Please do the right thing for your dog and make a regular appointment.
Speak to our friendly groomers to make an automatic regular appointment for you and we will send a reminder text/call the day before.

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